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HedgeWitch 2 

1st April 2017 


Following on from The HedgeWitch Year, students are invited to attend HedgeWitch 2 a more 'Hands On' Year working with the 4 Seasons.

foraging/growing/harvesting/using herbs and plants

'Spell Work'  & 'Earth Magick' 

calling on the knowledge from their previous year

£40 per session.

Beginners Tarot

This workshop is designed to help you to interpret the meaning of the Tarot Cards 

The Spread ~ The Suits ~ The Elements 

and the magickal journey through the Major Arcana 

19th August 2017 

10am to 5pm

Small group £40.00

dep £20.00 required on booking to secure your place




'Moon Magic'


The Harvest Moon 




How does the Moon affect your life?

 Four in depth evening workshops studying how to live in harmony with each phase of the Moon

At the end of each workshop there will be an outdoor ritual to draw down the moon and a spell to demonstrate how to work with each phase of the moon


New/Dark Monday 21st August

Waxing Wednesday 30th August

Full Wednesday 6th September

 Wednesday 13th September T

7pm - 9.30pm (approx).

£40.00 (£10.00 per session)






The HedgeWitch In The Kitchen


Spring ~ the Element of Air ~ 4th March

Summer ~ the Element of Fire ~ 17th June 

 Autumn ~ The Element of Water ~ 24th September

Winter ~ The Element of Earth ~ 18th November


  Come and join us for a fun filled day of handcrafting

'Lotions, Potions & Charms

10am to 4pm (approx) 


Incl. Lunch (warming soup & roll)

Tea & Coffee provided 

small groups booking essential