So Moot It Be

So Moot It Be 

The Good Intent, 3 John Street, Rochester, Kent. ME1 1YL

The Moot will gather at 7.30 for an 8 pm start. There will be plenty of time to mix and meet, talk and greet with your friends both old and new.

Please be advised that there is a £2.00 minimum donation for every moot.

Blessed Be


Dates for 2018

January 30th

Imbolc Open Ritual


Blue Moon Magick


 February 27th

Spell Craft ~~ May Draper

Hail & Welcome to an evening of 'SPELLCRAFT' ~ I gave this talk to Faversham moot last year and I hope that you gain knowledge of spell work from my many years of casting ~ I will tell you how I begin to compose my spells, the synchronicity, numerology, moon phases, candles, colours, herbs etc with examples of some of my favourite and successful spells.


 March 27th

Caroline Wise

Caroline Wise was involved in the Earth Mysteries (and Ley Hunter magazine) from the late 70s, taking part as a volunteer in the Dragon Project, which investigated the reality behind the claims of strange phenomena at ancient sacred sites in Britain and Ireland. She was a founder member of ASSAP in 1982. In the 1990s, Caroline produced the folklore and pagan Wildwood Conferences, exploring folklore as a living current to be worked with magically. She organised the first big Goddess conferences in the UK for the Fellowship of Isis throughout the 90s, (and worked as publisher and administrator for Olivia Robertson). A former owner of the Atlantis Bookshop, she also worked for the Spiritualist Newspaper Psychic News when they owned the shop.  Caroline has contributed to several books on goddesses, woman magical pioneers, and on London. She leads workshops on the goddess here and in Germany, Italy, USA. Caroline has compiled the book Finding Elen, the Quest for Elen of the Ways, and is co-editor, with John Matthews, of The Secret Lore of London.

Tonight she will be speaking about the Quest to find Elen of the Ways, who appears as a mystical antlered female figure, a horned goddess associated with the old tracks of the land. Who is Elen? Where does she come from? And where can we find her?


 April 24th

Beltane Special

Come and join in this fun evening with

Damh the Bard


May 29th

Margaret Holvec 

doTERRA Essential OIls 

June 26th 

The Vikings

July 31st 

Tonight we will hold our annual

'Bring & Buy' sale

This is a good time to show off your home crafts ~ plants for sale is always very popular ~ or seeds to swap ~ and a very good time to purchase your Witchy Wares.


 August 28th 

Tonight's speaker is Trevor Hubbard 

God's, Myths & Myth-Conception 

A sideways look by Trevor at the history of our Myths and Legends 


September 25th 

Tonight's speaker is Rob Wilson 

Druid, Shaman, Pagan, Animist, Universalist, Freemason, antiquarian or Freak.  Like many strands of Pagan tradition in these isles, to the modern mundane world and indeed within spiritual circles, the word Druid conjures up all manners of images and preconceived ideas.  Rob will share with us this evening his own personal evolving through his spiritual path of Druidry, and what it means to be a Druid in the 21st century, and what it may mean in the future. 

October 30th

Samhain Open Ritual ~ held in the garden


November 27th


December  25th

Sorry No Moot